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What is VCC or Virtual Credit Card?

A Virtual Credit Card or VCC is a single-use version of your regular debit or credit card. Using online shopping can reduce the chance of credit card fraud.

The usefulness of VCC lies in how it doesn’t share your card data. The physical data on your card (card number, security code, expiration date) is always the same. And, accordingly, they can be read and used by attackers.

Virtual credit cards provide online stores with dynamic information. So every time you pay with a virtual credit card, the verification details change. This system offers a number of security and protection benefits.

When paying for a purchase, the main card number is not required to be entered. Money will be debited from the virtual card, and the main account will remain untouched. If the fraudsters become aware of the data, they will still be unable to steal the funds. For online shopping, this is the best option.

How Does A Virtual Credit Card Work?

Online stores usually store customer payment information for multiple uses. However, there is a price to pay for convenience. If a hacker gains access to the seller’s database, it is possible to access your confidential information. So, if you’ve ever paid for something online by entering your credit card details, you’re technically at risk of being scammed.

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If you are using a virtual card, the stored information can usually only be charged once. So even if a hacker gets access to the card number, it is useless for his purposes. The EMV chip found on the majority of contemporary credit cards functions similarly to this technology. To avoid the storing and unauthorized use of static credit card information, both generate a new token for each purchase.

Virtual credit cards are not the same as mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Android Pay. However, they work on a similar basis. The merchant verifies the transaction with a limited-use token when you provide a card through a mobile payment app. Not an actual credit card number. Just like with a virtual credit card. The main difference between the two technologies is the way they are used.

At the moment, mobile payment applications are mainly used in brick-and-mortar retail stores. However, many online stores are starting to accept Apple Pay and the like. Virtual credit cards, by contrast, are mostly used exclusively online.

Thus, while both technologies work primarily to make payments more secure, the environments in which they are used differently.

Where To Buy VCC?

Many major banks offer virtual credit cards as a free service. If you’re not sure if your bank offers virtual cards, give them a call and ask.

For those whose banks don’t offer virtual credit cards, there are third-party services that will work with your existing cards. However, there are fewer and fewer such banks. And if your bank is still like that, it might be worth considering changing it.

Many virtual credit cards also come with custom features that may not be available on your standard credit card. For example, you can set “valid until” dates and spending limits and automate bill payments.

We provide a variety of VCC (Virtual Credit Card) options. With any name and address, our VCC can be used to activate or verify accounts for PayPal, Adwords, Facebook, Netflix, eBay, Amazon, and other services. Our virtual credit cards come at a low cost and are easy to use.

We provide prepaid virtual Visa and Mastercard bank cards that let you make anonymous online purchases of products and services. We operate globally, enabling you to buy VCC (virtual credit cards) from any location and use them to make payments online on any websites that recognize Mastercard or Visa prepaid cards.


The use of virtual cards enables more flexibility. With virtual cards, you may instantly change your card numbers, create new ones for use at different merchants, establish spending caps, and erase or lock your card number without impacting your account. Only specific telephone transactions and online transactions are permitted while using virtual cards. If you have one or both, your Apple Pay or Google Pay accounts will function at physical stores that allow these payment options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Use one of the accepted payment methods on our website’s Main Page to purchase a Visa or Mastercard card.


You can get virtual credit cards the way a traditional bank card would. By incorporating a virtual credit card into Apple Pay or Google Pay, you can use it for offline purchases at merchants that do not accept contactless payments or online purchases.

You effectively purchase a VCC connected to your account when you buy a VCC.

When you buy a card, cryptocurrency is converted to US dollars, and money is instantly available for use.

Virtual credit cards should all be electronically encrypted to protect your account from unauthorized activities. Our cards feature Mastercard 3D Secure, which uses two-factor authentication to verify your identity when you make online purchases.

It is common knowledge that using credit cards is risky and has a lot of drawbacks. One of the major issues consumers run into is that their cards might be used either without their knowledge or if the card number has been compromised.

Many banks have also developed prepaid systems that enable customers to make secure online purchases because no money is required upfront. These systems allow customers to make brief purchases from any location.

When they purchase VCCs and prepaid visa cards, many consumers discover they are in difficulty.

Anyone hoping for a flawless online experience with a card that activates immediately should use a virtual credit card. However, the first 60 days following the card’s setup date will be the only time virtual card information is accessible via the Online Banking platform.

As you would come with a standard card, you can make online purchases using the card number and CVV. The following are the steps to use the card online at the checkout:

1. Put the virtual credit card number in here.
2. Enter the card’s expiration date
3. Verify the OTP given to your mobile device.
4. Finish the transaction.

Virtual credit cards are accessible for general usage and are entirely legal. The big card issuers provide VCC generators and virtual credit card numbers. It is acceptable to utilize this option to verify credit cards for non-financial activities like free trials.

We provide VCCs that you can use to make the payment instantly. You can pay your desired amount as soon as you get the credentials.

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