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Why You Need Buy Google Ads Account

Those who have been working with advertising on Google for a long time, and even with different accounts, definitely need a special tool. It will help simplify the work of agencies and large advertisers.

Let’s look at the detail of the Google Ads manager account, its benefits, the nuances of using it, and where to get a Google Ads Account for sale.

We provide verified Google ads accounts, Aged AdWords accounts, etc., at a cheaper price. Let’s know in detail about verified google ads accounts, where to buy google ads accounts, and buy aged Adwords accounts. However, before we know where to buy, let’s see what Google Ads Accounts are.

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What are Google Ads Accounts?

Google Ads is an online advertising service that allows users to place ads on the Google search results page. At first glance, these ads look just like regular search results. However, if you take a closer look next to them, you can see the word advertising, which has a green color.

A user who places his ad on a verified AdWords account gets the opportunity to show it to an audience ready to make a purchase. Such ads may be displayed in the exact geographic location specified in the settings.

The ability to quickly change settings allows you to increase the effectiveness of advertising. In addition, in the advertising account, the user can monitor the progress of his ad through his activated google Adwords account.

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Different Kinds of Google Ads

Different Kinds of Google Ads

Here are all 9 different types of Google Ads campaigns and also where these ads appear:

  • Display: This type has media-rich advertisements on websites.
  • Search: This type contains text advertisements on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page)
  • Shopping: Here you will see product ads on the Search Engine Result Page.
  • Video: The Video advertisements on YouTube
  • Local: Search advertisements that drive more traffic to a geographical location
  • App: In this type, mobile app-specific advertisements are on several channels.
  • Performance Max: It is an all-in-one, Artificial Intelligence-driven campaign builder.
  • Smart: Simplified and automated campaign builder‍
  • Discovery: Finally, native-looking picture advertisements across feed placements on Google.

Google Threshold Accounts

The Google “Threshold” accounts are truly Google AdWords accounts. With Google Ads, you will be automatically charged on the first of each month or if your balance exceeds your payment threshold.

This charge covers the advertising fees and any overdue balance from the past month, moreover, as fees and taxes that may involve some countries.

Aged Google Ads Account

Aged AdWords accounts haven’t gone through many reviews and will be unrestricted to utilize after the initial google threshold is achieved (because $10 or less can’t activate real-time reviews.

These types of accounts are exemplary for you since you can utilize them in peace, and you do not have to wait for approval to begin.

Buy aged Google AdWords accounts from us today. You will get better results by utilizing these aged Google Adwords accounts than a new one.

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Features of Google Ads Accounts

Here are a few of the special features of a Google Adwords Account. Let’s have a look at the features before you buy Google Adwords account from us.

  • You can easily buy verified AdWords account that uses dedicated and unique proxies to confirm accounts. Furthermore, all the accounts are verified using unique Gmail, and all the billing info is completely verified. That means you can get verified Adwords accounts which you can purchase whenever you wish. 
  • Google ads accounts are completely activated as well as ready to use. So, you can start boosting your brand by launching an ad campaign as soon as you buy google ads accounts
  • You will get a replacement warranty when you buy Google ads account for sale from us.

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Benefits of Buying Google Ads Accounts

Benefits of Buying Google Ads Accounts 

There are a lot of benefits to buying an old google ads account. Here are the benefits.

Easier To Pass Moderation: Old accounts already have the trust of Google. This means that advertisements are moderated faster and without additional checks.

Taxation: Accounts registered in countries that do not pay value-added tax (VAT) do not pay additional taxes. This means you can earn more. The price of such accounts is usually higher.

Adwords Coupons: As part of affiliate or bonus programs, you can get gift certificates (coupons) from Google, with which you can pay for advertising. Most often, such coupons can only be used on accounts that have not previously used coupons.

Limitations On The Number Of Advertising Campaigns: Google limits the number of ad campaigns that can be run from one account. For an ordinary webmaster working with one or two advertisers, these restrictions do not matter much, because. They are unlikely to exceed it. But for people who work with many different offers, this can be very limiting. For this reason, they may require additional accounts.

Insurance: Google’s policy is not to promote any content that may deceive or harm the user. For example, you can not advertise fake things, pyrotechnics, tobacco, gambling, alcohol, and adult content.

At the same time, Google does not disclose all the algorithms of its work and sometimes blocks ads that do not violate the search engine’s policy. For these situations, experienced affiliates always have advertising accounts in stock: if the main account is banned, it will be possible to restart advertising from the additional one quickly.

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Where to Buy Google Ads Account?

An ad account is the first step to running ads on a search engine. Before you run your ads, you need to take care of the account. There are two options: register yourself or purchase a Google Ads account by contacting a company that sells accounts.

In the first option, you need to create an account, indicate all the information about yourself and the target audience, indicate the GEO for advertising, and complete many other formalities. But this is not all that is needed in order to launch advertising.

The fact is that before posting, it is moderated. Here the user may not be in for a very pleasant surprise. Google very carefully checks ads that run from a new account. It is highly probable that it will not be skipped or even blocked. The new account may also be blocked. As a result, the user will have nothing left – no advertising, no account.

Is it possible to avoid such problems? You can if you buy verified AdWords account using the services of a specialized company like ours. When buying a ready-made account, the advertiser will save himself from the need to warm it up.

In addition, he will be able to launch his ads immediately. Undoubtedly, buying an advertising account from us is the right decision to grow your business. A wide range of offers will allow you to choose the most suitable option.


For many individuals, creating a Google ads account is a nuisance. Moreover, often it is quite hard for a non-tech-savvy person to configure everything correctly. That is why many websites have Google accounts for sale. If you’re eager to buy an AdWords account but do not know where to purchase an existing ads account, do not worry; you’re on the right track.

We’re professionals in following Google ads guidelines and we are selling Google ads account, google threshold account, and activated google AdWords account for a long time now. We’ve thoroughly verified Google accounts and all our accounts are ready to use.


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